We operate a fast and seaworthy boat in New York Harbor that is often used by photographers, TV news crews and the film industry. Send your own photog or hire us to cover events, shoot b-roll or breaking news. Waterproof expedition grade boxes ensure your equipment is safely stowed while making way to a scene and a 2000 Watt generator can deliver power if needed.

- Boat Charter with Captain
- Photography
- TV camera crew

Pick Up Points
- 79th Street Boat Basin (Uptown)
- Pier 25 (North Moore Street & West Street Downtown)
- North Cove Marina (Financial District)
- Jersey City, NJ

Standard Rates
$250/hr + fuel cost (first 20 nautical miles of diesel included)
2hr charter minimum

After Sunset: 1.5 x Standard Rate/hr
After Midnight: 2 x Standard Rate/hr
Third Party docking fees may apply depending on pick-up/drop-off location

The crew of New York Media Boat reserves the right to use photos they capture  on any charter for promotional, marketing, and commercial purposes.

Contact 24/7
+1 732-586-7394  //